Bodenner Collection

THE BODENNER COLLECTION of super fine textiles that you probably already want to own is sumptuous and gleeful. Scott Bodenner, who has designed for established brands in the past, is now unlocking his workshop doors. He has struck surprising harmonies between traditional techniques and new science, between post-industrial discards and lavish finery. Luxury is integral. Novelty and fun are indispensable. The result is a lush, disorienting dream, a visit to a yard sale if it were held in Nikola Tessla’s garage run by Rei Kawakubo. Each fabric betrays a love for the rare and under-examined: denser than dense linen, double-ribbed moire, subtle glow-in-the-dark sheers (and more). If a luxury material takes on a surprisingly casual expression in The Bodenner Collection, conversely an overlooked, common material will be flattered with inappropriately extravagant attention. It is a joyfully inverted logic, a quirky new equality. Like a ribbon of cassette-tape that shows up as the dusky shimmer against a mohair and silk warp (charmingly called Mix Tape and made, if you wish, from your personal music compilation of yore); and simple ball-chains historically used as lamp pulls, hand woven into high-end creamy cotton. The high and the low don’t simply coexist in The Bodenner Collection, the past rams into the future at such speed that textile novas are born. They glow, swell (both literally), and compliment.

ballandchaingoldcropped ikat mixtape moonbeam-linen-in-the-light moonbeam-in-the-dark moireblue